Monday, June 7, 2010

3rd Post Today, Most Important

I was browsing blogs. Well, that's not even very true. I planned to browse blogs and instead stopped at the very first one I saw. I think you can see why.

"My name is Kathy. My husband, John and I have a 'fem/dom' marriage. The blog tells the story about how it all started, the problems, the stress, and issues of living a lifestyle that is slightly deviant from the norm."

I am trying to think of a way to not read this woman's entire life story and write her biography. I really am.

Here Are Some Songs, Some Poems

Do you know how much I like music and poetry?

Well, probably just as much as any other 19 year old, liberal arts student.

New Goals

Imagine that this list is being read to you in an angry British accent. That is the voice of my thoughts.

1. Start listening to music legitimately. Like, don't just play the same old songs over and over again and claim that you like a wide range of music. Just saying that you're into hip hop these days doesn't actually mean that you know a damn thing about hip hip.

2. Get rid of those ridiculous clothes you never wear. Is there a reason that you have a Spiderman costume? No? Of course there isn't, you bloody fool.

3. Read books. You've been telling yourself that you need to read more books. You know that you're nowhere near as well read as anyone you know. You've had that Michael Chabon book and that Edward Albee collection of plays for over a year. Have you read these things? No. Are you freaking illiterate? Probably.

4. Maybe you could actually acquire some semblance of shape this summer. I mean, really. It's like sleeping in a pool of jello. Get off your squishy bum and go for a run for once in your life.

5. Do something worthwhile that may actually affect what you will become in the future. I am sick of hearing you complain that you don't know what you want to be, you don't know what major you'll choose, you don't know what you'll have for lunch. Here's a thought: Study a bit, learn a bit, apply for some internships and study abroad programs, and maybe you'll turn into a real human being. Maybe.