Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Jonah, a love letter (from the inside)

I am tired of sleeping in the belly of this beast

It's funny here

I can't move from all the acidity and,


How very awkward,

to taste what makes him alive,

to taste it in the air

to see the inside of a thing

I can't say if I ever want to be this close again

I can say I miss you

I can say that

underneath skin,

everything is beautiful

Depending on how you look

I used to wish for the days before the swallowing,

All I was and what I hoped to be,

How I was forced to abandon my pre-belly life


I just wonder if you want me to hold you


I wonder if you still want me to hold your hand

I'd like that

Might seem selfish, but I wish you were near to me

Somehow your presence might bring me closer to God, or at least

Postage wouldn't cost so much,

and the seasickness wouldn't be so lonely

and when that final wave hits,

I want to feel cool, thin fingers on mine

It's all that means something

How strange to be praying for vomit

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