Sunday, July 24, 2011

In the haystack I dreamed of being a dentist for you

i heard a boy in a window one night make a wish on your skin
he wished however far he may be
that he will shoot any and all of the mountain lions that ever come for you
will leave a coat built from rabbits on your doorstep for when you are cold
and when you are sick
set a bowl of soup on your sill
tap twice
and sit in the haystack while you drink it down
stay there whittling a whistle until you are sound asleep
and next to your fucking beauty of a face
set that whistle down softly
for you to kiss should you ever need him to come to you
he is chipping away at a star
trying to work it loose out of the large jaw of night
to bring it back down to your ears
it sounds like you
it has your softness
one night when the two of you were walking down the street
he heard a boy in a window
make a wish on your skin
mistaking it for something else
no mistakes were made

-Anis Mojgani

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